Remove local CSS before installing Clusterware

During installation of Clusterware 10.2, I stopped at prerequisites checking with this error:

“Please remove local CSS before proceeding…”

It’s due to a standalone instance using ASM has been installed on the host, where local CSS was configured as prerequisite for ASM storage. As recommended by Oracle, the local CSS can be removed following the steps:

1) Check whether you have cssd running:

ps -ef|grep pmon
ps -ef|grep css

2) If you get +ASM as one of the instance then you need to shutdown the instance. To remove the css, you need to login as root and then go to $ORACLE_HOME/bin

# localconfig delete.

3) however if you couldn’t find any OH for they have been removed or lost by corruption, you can remove the local CSS by;

a. remove /etc/init.d/init.cssd

b. remove directory /etc/oracle

It has tested against RHEL 5.5.


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