Oracle Active-Passive Cluster 11gr2

This note explains how to use Oracle Grid Infrastructure to protect a standalone database 11.2.


  • Active-Passive Cluster with 2 nodes running on Centos 5.5 64bit
  • 1 node running Openfiler served as iSCSI target server and DNS server
  • 3 ASM disk groups created on iSCSI targets as storage of CRS, DATA and FRA


  • Install Centos 5.5 with required packages on both nodes
  • Set kernal parameters for Oracle Clusterware 11.2 and Database 11.2 on both nodes
  • Create role seperation management: grid for Grid Infrastructure and oracle for database on both nodes
  • Set up DNS on both nodes
  • Set up ASM diskgroups CRS, DATA and FRA on iSCSI targets on both nodes
  • Install Oracle Clusterware 11.2 on the Cluster owned by user ‘grid’, choosing DNS for SCAN and using CRS diskgroup as storage of OCR and Voting disk.
  • Install Oracle Database 11.2 software (standalone!) on both nodes
  • As user ‘grid’, create and mount diskgroup DATA and FRA by ‘asmca’
  • As user ‘oracle’, call ‘dbca’ to create database on primary node only.
  • Remove the database from OCR and add a cluster resource using a customized action script
  • Copy the action script to the other node.
  • Test start, stop, check, relocate and restart the database by clusterware.

More details will be added to each of the steps.


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