Creating Operating System Authenticated User

Creating Operating System Authenticated User

Changes to make for external authentication
1. Set the initSID.ora parameters:remote_os_authent=TRUE
os_authent_prefix = “OPS$”

2. Generate a new spfile

CREATE spfile FROM pfile=’initorabase.ora’;

3. Add the following to the sqlnet.ora  (ONLY ON WINDOWS)

sqlnet.authentication_services = (NTS)

The syntax for CREATE USER where authentication is performed by the  operating system on the server
Step 1: Connect as system/manager in SQL*Plus and create the Oracle user:CREATE USER ops$oracle IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY;

SELECT username, password, external_name
FROM dba_users

GRANT create session TO ops$oracle;

Step 2: Create a user in the operating system named oracle if one does not already exist.Step 3: Go to command line (terminal window in UNIX, cmd in Windows. Type ‘sqlplus /’ You should be connected to the database without having to enter username/password.


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